A team of over 50 people
supports our customers every day.
Individual customer advisors travel
over 300,000 km per year
visiting and educating
store owners and their staff.
Through us, our partners
have access to almost 100 000 indexes

of the world's best brands.
We provide them with
a comprehensive choice

by representing in Poland nearly
40 manufacturers from 15 countries.
Representatives of the best stores
and salons as well as journalists
attend our annual pre-season Moto Dealer Expo,
due to the fact that we offer
the product brands sought-after by consumers.
The season is always too short,
that is why our logistics centre

shortens delivery time up to one day.
Our warehouse has a volume
of 21,600 m3 and statistically

every 20 seconds it supplies
a new product to the market.

It consumes 155 km of packing tape annually.

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